"Genetic Code" is commonly referred to as DNA.  DNA... the administrator of microscopic life...  the molecule that carries the genes that provide the chemical instructions for building and sustaining each specific life-form... all wrapped up in a tiny winding staircase.

Each of us started our life in the womb as a single cell with roughly 30,000 genes. Within 24 hours after conception we had our personal DNA with it's 3,000,000,000 DNA letters... with combination uniquely only to ourselves.

For us "people types" our unique genetic makeup from conception determines our physical appearance. It also determines our personality. It determines our basic attitudes and our tendencies... It even controls our decisions and consequential actions.

This is only the beginning... our DNA determines much-much more. Our genetic makeup even causes us to sin against God but also includes a desire to find God... to know Him.  Adams genetic makeup that has been passed down genetically through the male to each subsequent generation. 

What can be the consequence of the disruption in our microscopic life when it is tainted?   Because of the shortages of almost everything when WWII broke out for America, there was a major effort to find substitutes for all the natural things we desperately needed.  The end result was the introduction of caustic chemicals in household personal and home hygiene products right after World War II. It is now sixty years later, and our kids are a part of the fifth generation of Americans that have been beleaguered with the deadly results. 

With each new generation this problem escalates.

Because these mutagens damage DNA that results in gene mutations, children are even more at risk that adults.   As they grow, children's cells divide more rapidly than the cells of adults, perpetuating that damage".  Faster division of cells for children is normal.  Of course, a big problem is that by design, cells mirror and make copies.  A cell containing the mutant, or altered  gene, will never again make a cell with a perfect gene. 


The combination of breathing mutagens and absorbing them through the skin from generation to generation has resulted in a catastrophic epidemic of health problems.  A mutagen is an external agent that increases the rate of mutation of cells or organisms.

 What are the most detrimental sources for these mutagens? The caustic chemicals in the personal care, laundry and household cleaning products that you purchase at your grocery store, bring into your home. 


A recent report from EPA stated: The air in homes is 3-7 times as toxic as the outside air in urban and rural America.  

I personally believe that melanoma skin cancer is caused by a combination of the rays of the sun and the caustic chemicals that our skin continual absorbs.  Yes... our bodies are like a sponge... absorbing the chemicals in the caustic environment that we live in.  We sleep in beds with those deadly chemicals in our bed cloths.  We get up and dress into "clean clothes", clothes that are laced with deadly chemicals that will never completely wash out. These toxic pollutants don't wash out of your washing machine.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

DR. PHILIP LANDRIGAN, chairman, Preventive medicine, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine:

Keeping kids from getting sick in the first place! That's Dr. Landrigan's life work.

 “We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment, and we are using our children as the experimental animals.  Not a single child today is born free of synthetic chemicals."

Jan. 30, 2003 —  When scientists at the MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE sampled Andrea Martin’s blood and urine to see what toxins she’d picked up from the world around her, she got a surprise. “I had 95 chemical contaminants in my little body. And it was very mind blowing,” said Martin. The test results indicate that we all pick up an astounding number of chemicals that are known to be dangerous.  None of the 9 adults in the study worked in or lived near the chemical industry!

On average, the nine adult  participants had traces of 53 chemicals known to cause cancer in human or animal tests. In addition, they had an average of 62 chemicals toxic to the brain or nervous system, plus 55 associated with birth defects.  Other research shows chemicals in children are in much greater quantities than the amounts found in adults.

The information from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine was made available in January, 2003, about 10 years ago.  What has happened to America's "new children" in those few short years.  Has their health improved in the last 10 years?  More prevalent every year are newborns that come into this world with major health problems... many born already eaten up with cancer, and other genetic diseases, and with no family history of their diseases. 

 The absorption of those deadly chemicals is overwhelming to the immune systems and consequently is adversely effecting every bodily organ for you, for your family, and even more especially for the baby in the womb. The baby in the womb is at a critical window of vulnerability. In the nine months of gestation the human body undergoes phenomenal changes and its most rapid growth, making it especially susceptible to environmental toxins.

A single cell is transformed to a laughing, sociable, intelligent, friendly little human kid over a course of two years; that’s dramatic growth and development. For the baby in the womb, many different environmentally toxic synthetic chemical interrupters readily cross the placenta, which is the primary source of nutrients for the baby. It is through the placental circulation that these toxins enter into the babies’ blood supply and are distributed throughout the developing organ systems.

As neurotoxins enter the babies’ blood supply, they can affect the specificity of the brain’s network of connections, permanently altering a child’s intelligence and the ability to development. The developing brain with its complex network of connections is at greater risk to toxic insults than the fully developed adult brain. This is compounded by the fact that developing babies have immature immune and metabolic systems, which may make the baby less able to detoxify harmful chemicals.

While environmental toxins in the mother’s blood stream may result in enormous clinical effects in the mother, there may be much more detrimental, long-lasting, effects to the baby. Compared to the mother’s dose of exposure, the developing infant is exposed to greater quantities of environmental chemicals per pound of body weight. Today all our newborn babies will begin life outside the womb with a 40% greater concentration of the same environmental toxins that are in the mom." When these same kids reach their teenage years the concentration of these caustic chemicals in their bodies will still be 40% greater than moms. What about the next generation? it still escalates by 40% in their children. What a disaster.

 Neurotoxins have the capability of interfering with several stages of central nervous system maturation including individual brain cell growth, closure of the spinal cord, and the formation of the countless Medical interconnections of the nervous system throughout the body.  At any stage in a baby’s growth environmental exposures from these toxins alter the normal development of the heart, lungs, and brain.

What's the end result of this brain damage?  Among other things, People are losing their ability to reason. Have you noticed any of that going around lately?


Every genetic disease is caused by mutant Genes. It only takes one defective gene in a cell... Yes, only one out of the total of 30,000 to begin your disaster. If the defective cell gets by your Army of "T" cells, it survives and continues to multiply. Some in "The Army of "T" cells", because they exist in your caustic environment, get confused and start killing off normal cells causing disastrous results.  I believe that when this happens, the end result was another genetic disease... Fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is an occurrence of  the army of "T" cells mistakenly wipe out the good cells. 

Unheard of a few short years ago, Autism is now ubiquitous.  Parents and other family members are devastated when a kid in their family is diagnosed with Autism. The "Experts" cannot decide what causes Autism.  Most have narrowed it down to "maybe" it is Genetic or possibly Environmental. Genetic is a bit confusing to them since in most cases there is not a family of Autism.  Genetic is not necessarily synonymous with Heredity, but it could be.

Maybe we need to get a new bunch of so "called" Experts?

I originally made this web page nine years ago, and I knew back then what Autism was and the caused it. Nothing has happened in the past 9 years to indicate that I was incorrect. The "experts" are still trying to "guess" the answers, most saying Autism is either genetic or environmental is laughable.  If you read and understand the information on this web site you will understand that the two are intertwined and cannot be separated.  The answer is both!  Autism is a condition caused by how the brain was developed, and the mutant genes are the cause of the unusual way the drain develops. 

However... Many Autistic kids, to their credit, have certain areas of exceptional intelligence.  All "these people" getting rich collecting money to help find a cure...  If a brain could be fixed, we would waste no time lining up all the liberals and fixing theirs!  What a great country we would have then!!


CBC Television

toxic brew


We live in an increasingly chemical society:
Experts don't know how dangerous these chemicals might be, but they are starting to worry. Dr. Gideon Koren is a pediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

"How can we, as one of the most advanced countries in the world allow these to enter our household for small children, without the appropriate testing to see that it’s safe?"

"Vision is one of the functions of the human brain, so it means that these chemicals find themselves through the mum, through the umbilical cord, into the baby, into the developing brain, and damaging functions there, and the baby is born already with a problem," Koren said.


These Chemical products that cause genetic diseases by altering our microscopic life do not belong in products marketed for our personal and house-hold use. If you are wondering which of these common personal care products have these deadly chemicals in their ingredients, the answer will further astound you! They ALL do. 

The company that makes the skin care lotion most recommended by dermatologists actually lists Lye as one of the ingredients.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... In common with other corrosives, the major safety concern with lye is its potentially destructive effects on living tissues (e.g., skin, flesh, and the cornea). Solutions containing lye can cause chemical burns, permanent injuries, scarring, and blindness—immediately upon contact. Lye may be harmful or even fatal if swallowed; ingestion can cause esophageal stricture.

Does Lye really belong in your personal care products?  Your toothpaste probably has formaldehyde in it... most do.  Please check this information out and try to become aware the danger from those other deadly products!

The diseases that are known to be associated with DNA mutations resulting from the use of these chemicals continue to escalate. The rate of increase in all genetic diseases is increasing at an astonishing rate yet we continue to live our lives as though we were immortal. 

By continuing to use these deadly products in our homes... what are we doing to ourselves and more importantly, to our future generations?

 All we hear day after day for decades is... help the researchers gather up more money to "find a cure"  This has been occurring nonstop for decades.    Everyone wants to help.  We all do!  There are now more than 80,000 genetic diseases... and growing.  How many of these more than 80,000 genetic diseases have they found a cure? Try ZERO!  with all these bi8llions of dollars going into the "coffers" of the researchers, and hundreds of millions of hours wasted by well meaning, caring people volunteering to find a cure.

No Cure... No cure for even one Genetic Disease.

Now we are into the fifth generation of the chemical revolution that began with the shortages during WorldWarII. Already the majority of this "fifth generation" of Americans, at any age group, cannot pass a basic education test.  Where will our sixth generation end up? Where do you think our kids and our grandkids will be when we get into sixth and seventh generations of using those deadly home products?

Your "own little world"... your home environment, is the only toxic environment that you actually have the power to make any appreciable changes.

Your Home is Toxic...

 How can I care so much and you will care so little...

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